Top 5 NFT Games of 2022 to Earn Money

Top 5 NFT Games of 2022 to Earn Money

Play-to-earn games provide non-fungible tokens or virtual currency as rewards for participation. These blockchain-based games, also known as P2E, have gained popularity recently and are now a staple of almost every metaverse, with each platform having its cryptocurrency to compensate online players for their time investment.

One of the primary reasons play-to-earn gaming has become so well-liked is because players can enjoy themselves while earning cash with real-world worth. Another is to develop NFTs that have the potential to be valuable assets. In 2022, there will be many different play-to-earn games accessible. Here are five of the better ones in more detail.

How Are NFT Games Operated?

NFT games combine regular gaming mechanics with non-traditional ones, which are frequently focused on NFTs. Not only are NFTs used in the game mechanics, but also in the rules & player interactions of these games. For instance, you might be able to gather NFTs from the goods you find in-game and trade NFTs with the other players.

You may also discover NFT games that let players “play to earn” money as they play. Players in these games are rewarded with tokens, and the more time they spend playing, the more tokens they may earn. But before you could even start generating money from most of these games, you must first pay for your first investment.

1. Axie Infinity

Axies, Ethereum-minted NFTs that players may acquire, breed, grow, fight against, and trade with other online users, are the basis for this trade-and-battle play-to-earn game. Axies come in a wide variety of varieties, and there are countless ways to customize them. When a user defeats another user, they are awarded Smooth Love Potion tokens, which they may exchange for the game’s primary utility tokens, Axie Shard tokens, by selling them.

Axis infinite claims to have 1.48 million active users per day. Axie Infinity is already supporting a digital economy built on crypto assets throughout Southeast Asia, notably in the Philippines & Vietnam, to demonstrate how profitable this game has become. Since about June 27, 2022, around 82.1 million AXS, or 30% of the entire supply, were in circulation. Each AXS is worth approximately $15.72.

2. Decentraland

Decentraland is one virtual reality software that allows users to own property, create their 3D environment, & explore it. Once a person buys land, they are allowed to build whatever they like on it, including brand-new games and working internet stores. Another option for players is could hire another user to ensure their stuff while they are away

A player should have an Ethereum wallet to purchase and store MANA, the platform’s native currency, to begin playing Decentraland. They could then begin interacting on the platform. As of June 27, 2022, there were approximately 1.85 billion MANA currencies, and each one is worth little and over $0.93.

3. Alien Worlds

The basic idea behind the future sci-fi adventure game Alien Worlds is to play, mine, & enhance to create an interactive gaming experience. A player may catch NFT alien species and utilize them to dig or locate various goods in the game’s central theme. As the player makes additional upgrades, their chances of winning rise.

The official cryptocurrency of the game is called Alien Worlds, and it trades on the market under the symbol TLM. A player can utilize the TLM token to complete chores and win battles and also trade NFTs with some other players. To get started, players will need land, mining equipment, and TLM deposits. On June 27, 2022, there were 2.61 billion TLM coins in circulation, constituting just 26% of the entire quantity, making one TLM coin worth $0.02748.

4. The Sandbox

In the blocky metaverse of this blockchain-based game, players may build, craft, and survive. The Sandbox players may purchase SAND in-game currency tokens to construct a home or a fortress or to engage in missions to get additional tokens. The Sandbox invites individuals to participate actively on the platform by buying and selling NFTs by fusing creativity, strategy, and survival abilities. Players can advance in level as they construct more goods. As of June 27, 2022, around 1.26 billion SAND, or 42% of the entire supply, were in circulation. A SAND token is now worth approximately $1.18.

5. Zed Run

In the play-to-earn horse racing game Zed Run, players may curate various horses as NFTs that they can then purchase, sell, and trade with the other players mostly on-site. Users can choose to either breed new horses or train their current ones. In this play-to-earn game, players run their horses to gain rewards. To increase the chances of winning races, players can upgrade their horses. Each horse has strengths and disadvantages. They might even gamble on other players to gain money.

Zed Run is not yet having a cryptocurrency as of June 27, 2022. Instead, it is supported by the Ethereum blockchain, all revenue from games is paid out in the ether. One Zed Run native currency is set to go live, though. Users who now own Zed Run NFTs will be the first to experience the deployment as it happens in stages. AirDrop will be used to deliver Zed Run tokens to them, with long-term holders receiving precedence.

Pros of NFT Games

  • Changing Ownership: At any time, a player might exchange their gaming valuables for a just price. By transferring ownership, the purchaser becomes the current owner, and the transaction is documented on the blockchain.
  • Security and Individuality: The in-game assets are non-fungible, thus they cannot be duplicated. As a result, they may be transported and stored in wallets like Trust and MetaMask, where they cannot be obtained illegally or lost whenever a blockchain game ends.

Cons of NFT Games

  • Worries About Uncertainty: Those who have invested in crypto assets produced by NFT think their decision was wise. Many analysts, however, have equated the current craze for purchasing these virtual currencies to that of an economic bubble that may eventually collapse in NFT investment. Although many non-fungible tokens have shown their value and growth potential, there is still an opportunity for over-speculation & herding with NFT digital assets.
  • Blockchain Technology’s Environmental Impacts: The obvious drawback of the NFT development is the significant environmental effect of the underlying blockchain technology.


As you’ll see, there is a tonne of alternatives especially when it comes to NFT games, and there is something for everyone, whether you prefer creating things, like in Minecraft, or hunting and capturing strange creatures, as in Pokemon. Furthermore, although many of the games we’ve mentioned above are already well, others won’t be available in full until 2022. So consider your alternatives and select the one that most closely matches your gaming interests.

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