The Crypto Bubble: Is The End Near?

The Crypto Bubble

The Bitcoin market is experiencing the most active days of the last period. It is a matter of curiosity how the prices will continue in Bitcoin, which has fallen below 35 thousand dollars. Now everyone is asking, “Did the crypto bubble burst?” In this post, we will try to find the answer.

Is Crypto Over?

What are some of the issues facing crypto?

The subject of the world’s curiosity is the uncertain trend in the ‘Bitcoin’ market, which affects millions of people. Investors are worried about the uncertainty in the crypto money market, which has lost value recently.

In recent days, the US Treasury Department has taken a step that concerns investors, regarding Bitcoin, which is the focus of security vulnerability discussions.

A report has been prepared to ensure control over cryptocurrencies in the tax compliance plan of the US Treasury Department.

The department has stated that cryptocurrencies, whose market value is about $ 2 trillion, are a concern. It was noted that cryptocurrencies pose a significant detection problem by facilitating illegal activities in general, including tax evasion.

It is also discussed that this situation, which can be considered a step towards cryptocurrencies for the first time on the US side, may be an important agenda item in the next 10 years.

It was noteworthy that an important decision concerning investors was signed in the cryptocurrency report of the Ministry of Treasury. Crypto assets sent to businesses with a fair market value of more than $10,000 were required to be reported. It fell below $35,000.

Has the crypto market declined recently?

As of May 12, 2020, the sharp declines in the crypto market scared investors. The situation in the crypto money market, which continues to lose value, remains uncertain.

Bitcoin prices fell below $ 35 thousand with the news from China and the statements of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

Investment experts shared information about the withdrawal in the crypto market on TRT Haber live broadcast. Experts especially emphasize that the withdrawal in Bitcoin is considered normal.

It is seen that the Bitcoin market, which has gained serious momentum especially since 2020, has a value that has increased from $ 3,000 to $ 65,000.

What are the experts saying about crypto’s future?

Cryptocurrency researchers have underlined that a different real period has begun in the price movements of the past years. They have said that the recent developments, which can be seen as negative, have resulted in an excessive selling situation due to the weak dominance of Bitcoin in the market. Stating that overbought and selling can technically cause such results, it is important for Bitcoin to close above 42 thousand dollars.

Emphasizing that the activity in the crypto money market is expected to increase in the summer, researchers have said that Ethereum is followed by investors. With the rise in the overall market, Bitcoin is expected to affect other crypto assets as well.

Did the crypto balloon burst?

Investor behaviour deeply affects the cryptocurrency market. It’s important to be aware of the economy. Investors who are inexperienced in the face of volatile market behaviour are also advised to pay attention.

Drawing attention to the recent increase in the purchases of cryptocurrencies by corporate firms, crypto researchers have said that this infrastructure is an important financial option.

The ‘inflate-empty’ game in crypto money

In the cryptocurrency market, where thousands of people are victims, there are points that citizens should pay attention to.

The ‘inflate and empty’ game is victimizing thousands of investors. This is how it works: A cryptocurrency called altcoin is determined in private messaging groups. The promotion of Altcoin is made by group members with a high following on social media. Thus, the message is given that its value will increase. With the increase in demand, the price goes up. At the peak point, the ‘inflate and empty’ game ends and sales begin.

Are Governments bringing crypto regulations?

There is an increasing number of cryptocurrency investors in developed and developing countries. It is also expected that regulations regarding cryptocurrencies will be made in the near future.

Regarding the crypto money market, which is expected to gain infrastructure, security and control mechanisms, the regulation of crypto money is being worked in coordination with the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

With the regulation on the crypto money market, where there is no exemplary application in the world, it is aimed that investors can make safer transactions.

Are Government regulations going to help people with the crypto bubble?

Some countries have given investigation agencies the authority to inspect these platforms. In this way, it is aimed so that investors can take a safe step.

The rules that crypto money platforms must comply with have been determined. The penalties and sanctions are to be given to those who do not comply with the rules have also been decided.

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